仪表 & 计量行业

电子元件 for 仪表 and 计量

测试 and metering equipment is becoming more complex and important with the demand for increased safety.  测试 equipment is very important in any industry.  它有助于ob真人线上注册开发和安全.  测试 equipment can be found in many industries such as in the automotive industry, 机械行业, 建筑行业, 网络行业, 和许多其他人.  仪表 and metering equipment heavily relies on a vast number of electronic components to operate effectively and reliably.

VRG Components knows the value of securing top 质量 electronic components and understands that purchasing professionals in this industry are often in need of components in short supply (shortages & 分配)以及使用寿命结束的部件.  When your primary suppliers can’t provide these hard-to-find items, VRG Components can.  We can be an important addition to your supply chain for 可靠高质量的电子元件.  With our years of knowledge and thoroughly vetted partners, ob真人线上注册网址知道ob真人线上注册网址可以成为您可以依赖的合作伙伴.

找到你的电子元件 Looking for hard-to-find electronic components for instrumentation and metering? 使用零件发现者或ob真人线上注册网址.


We provide our customers with a very broad range of electronic components used in the 仪表 & 计量部门.  仪表 & 计量组件通常存在于:

  • 智能计量
  • 红外摄像机
  • 拉伸测试人员
  • 电子显微镜
  • 食品安全
  • 化学分析
仪表 & 计量-生产线上的传感器
仪表 & 计量-热扫描(热成像摄像机), Industrial equipment used for checking the internal temperature of the 机 for preventive maintenance, This is checking The power supply for tracking sun of solar plant.


VRG focuses on meeting the needs and requirements of our customers whatever industry they work in.  This is the starting point of our comprehensive worldwide service.  Our global team keeps abreast of national requirements and complies with these requirements as it regards to sourcing.  VRG Components also offers a warranty for all components provided to our customers, can purchase your excess inventory to maximize your profitability, 并由ob真人线上注册网址专业的专家提供支持, 包括ob真人线上注册网址的销售团队.


Typical 制造商 for 仪表 and 计量 Electronics

VRG Components is proud to offer reliable electronic components for the instrumentation and metering sector from major manufacturers such as:

AMD      模拟设备      英特尔 (阿尔特拉)      美光科技      NXP      三星      意法半导体       德州仪器公司      赛灵思公司



模拟设备公司. is an American multinational company specializing in data conversion, 信号处理与电源管理技术.



德州仪器公司 designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.



NXP Semiconductors is a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications in the automotive, 工业 & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets.



三星 provides innovative solutions including DRAM, 固态硬盘, 处理器, image sensor and other products for diverse industries.


高级微设备公司生产微处理器, 主板芯片组, embedded 处理器s and graphics 处理器s for servers, 工作站, 个人电脑和嵌入式系统.



美光科技 produces computer memory and computer data storage including dynamic random-access memory, 闪存, 和USB闪存驱动器.


In order to make it easy to search through a vast inventory of electronic components, VRG开发了一种零件查找器.  Enter the part or component number and browse through our entire inventory.  Once you have found the components you are looking for, you can request a quote that fits your needs.  Our sales team will contact you within 30 minutes to tailor your quotation for hard-to-find components.

找到你的电子元件 Looking for hard-to-find electronic components for instrumentation and metering? 使用零件发现者或ob真人线上注册网址.

仪表 & 计量ob真人线上注册类别

VRG Components can source any electronic parts that are hard-to-find or have long lead times.  We can do this by leveraging our extensive network of carefully vetted, reliable partners.  The following electronic components are used extensively in the 仪表 and 计量 industry:  传感器, CMOSs, CCD芯片,激光,磁体,加速度计, 压力传感器,接近传感器, 气体探测器,超声波换能器,麦克风, 光敏二极管, 热敏电阻、热电偶、 红外传感器, 高度计, 和更多的.




传感器是一种设备, 模块, 机, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics.



显示 are widely utilized in hand held testing instruments and most digital metering devices.

Led条纹线圈隔离在白色. 电二极管地带.

领导 & 领导照明

A light-emitting diode (领导) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it.


Our customers are often under pressure to find stock quickly.  Components must meet their 质量 standards and arrive on time.

Global customers choose VRG Components for our ability to secure the products they need, ob真人线上注册网址交货的速度, ob真人线上注册网址的可靠性, 质量, 以及ob真人线上注册网址持续的客户支持.  In other words, VRG is the essential supply chain partner that can provide you with peace of mind.

  • 无与伦比的全球供应链
  • 在30分钟或更少的时间内得到报价
  • 质量集中 & AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证
  • 高质量的组件
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 灵活的付款方式

VRG Components is AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证.  Our Quality Management System contains strict 质量 guidelines and rigorous counterfeit avoidance measures so you can rely on the 质量 of the electronic parts you receive from us.  Get everything you need by contacting VRG Components for your electronic parts needs.




仪表 & 计量的应用程序






Instrument displays are commonly used in consumer electronics.

机械 - paper rolls and offset printing 机s in a large print shop for production of newspapers & 杂志


Instrument sensors are widely used in large 机ry intensive manufacturing applications.


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