Pursue Excellence at a Fast-Growing 公司 in a Growing Industry

If you value working in a contemporary, 有竞争力的, sales/incentive-based company with a casual-dress code and plenty of opportunity, VRG Components is the place for you. 

Relaxed work environment. 庆祝多样性.

ob真人线上注册非常适合那些目前会说或正在积极提高外语技能的人, and enjoy the sales process.  

Our comprehensive compensation includes:

  • 有竞争力的薪水
  • Healthcare Insurance with Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance & FSA (Flexible Spending Account)
  • 慷慨的美国专利商标局的政策
  • 401K与4%匹配
  • 人寿保险
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing
  • 90天的培训 & Additional Year-Round Training
  • 学费援助
  • 员工推荐奖金
  • Confidential Support 服务 for Wellness, Financial Counseling & 更多的

Our work hard play hard attitude encourages collaboration and fun.  Employees compete for our employee-of-the-quarter award, and we celebrate employees’ birthdays with catered gourmet breakfasts.  ob真人线上注册网址也通过庆祝中国的中秋节来庆祝ob真人线上注册网址多元文化的团队, 欧洲Glühwein on St. Nick’s day, and an extravagant holiday party.

每个人都喜欢ob真人线上注册网址的休闲着装,因为优秀并不依赖于一件带纽扣的衬衫或一条领带.  Our gourmet kitchen is stocked with gourmet coffee, 有机茶, 麦片和牛奶, 新鲜的水果, 坚果, 营养的酒吧, and a wide variety of snacks to satisfy those afternoon cravings.

一个股份有限公司. 2021 Best Workplaces Award Winner

公司. 2021 Best Workplaces Logo

ob真人线上注册,公司. 被命名为 公司. 杂志’s annual list of the Best Workplaces for 2021.  这份榜单对美国公司进行了广泛而全面的评估,这些公司创造了卓越的工作场所和公司文化,无论团队是面对面还是远程运作.

VRG Components的员工参与了一项关于管理有效性等主题的独立员工调查, 津贴, and fostering employee growth.  在调查中, VRG团队成员提到了他们如何评价公司的综合效益和对其核心价值的承诺.  这就形成了一个培养、吸引人的工作环境,让每个员工都能茁壮成长.  When coupled with a fun, humorous, day-to-day atmosphere, it’s a winning combination.  Read more about this exciting news.


而世界各地的女性在工作场所,尤其是在管理领域的代表人数不足, VRG embraces their contributions.  In fact, we are a woman owned small business.  ob真人线上注册网址的首席执行官, Verena马丁, is a strong and experienced leader who runs the company with vision, passion and 的决心.  她在公司、ob真人线上注册网址的行业和社区都非常受尊敬.

Women thrive throughout this organization.  Currently 50% of our management team is female and 53% of our workforce is female.  No gender pay gap has ever existed here and never will.


从第一天起,ob真人线上注册网址就相信工作场所的年龄多样性可以提高组织绩效, reduce employee turnover and drive innovation.  Our Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, who represent 65% of our workforce, 带来实现ob真人线上注册网址增长战略所需的宝贵经验,同时ob真人线上注册网址的千禧一代和iGen百岁一代不断带来受欢迎的新想法.


VRG有意建立一个强大的多元文化团队,ob真人线上注册网址的专家用客户和供应商的母语与他们交流.  On any given day you will hear conversations in German, 西班牙语, 法国, 罗马尼亚, 塞尔维亚-克罗地亚语和, 当然, 英语.  这使ob真人线上注册网址能够与世界各地的客户和供应商建立有意义的长期关系.


ob真人线上注册网址不仅致力于ob真人线上注册网址的员工和ob真人线上注册网址的客户,也致力于那些需要帮助的人.  We believe that we get much more from life when we help others.  VRG对给予的承诺让ob真人线上注册网址每个人都对工作心怀感激,并在一家关心他人的公司里茁壮成长.

Did you know that 10% of the world lives without access to clean water?  VRG支持 慈善:水, 这是一个不可阻挡的组织,致力于为世界上偏远农村地区的6.63亿人带来清洁用水.  Most take it for granted but access to clean water means education, income and health – especially to women and children.

项目伊甸园进来吧 is also near and dear to our hearts.  这个总部位于洪都拉斯的组织致力于缓解世界上一个贫困率高达60%的角落的营养不良和儿童教育.

ob真人线上注册网址在本地支持 Charlotte Bilingual Preschool.  The Charlotte Bilingual Preschool provides innovative, 为说西班牙语的孩子准备成功的两代解决方案, multicultural early childhood education in Charlotte, 北卡罗莱纳.   他们的愿景是让夏洛特成为一个语言和文化差异相互丰富的地方.

多样性、股票 & 包容 

多元化、公平和包容是VRG Components文化的根本.  We are a minority and woman owned business.  ob真人线上注册网址承诺重视每个员工的独特性和所有人的平等.  ob真人线上注册网址的多样性使ob真人线上注册网址能够为全球客户提供更好的体验和联系. We strive to create a workplace where employees feel empowered to share their ideas.  We respect the creativity they bring.  培养热情, 的决心, 和协作精神是ob真人线上注册网址核心价值观的一部分,并使ob真人线上注册网址被INC评为美国最佳工作场所之一. 杂志.


Are you 感兴趣ed in working for VRG Components?  ob真人线上注册网址目前正在寻找夏洛特地区的销售专业人员,特别是有行业经验的人员.  Are you a perfect fit for out team?


报告:  销售经理

简介:  Sells electronic components to international manufacturing companies.  Responsible for developing, 勘探, 维修, and nurturing a customer base with the goal of receiving purchase orders, negotiating sales variables and closing sales orders.


Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  • 按照VRG制定的政策和程序向新老客户销售电子元器件, as directed by management.
  • 作为客户的主要联络人,与指定的客户沟通,以确定ob真人线上注册ob真人线上注册的需求并进行推广, 服务, 和能力.
  • Qualify and prospect for new accounts.  Maintain and expand a database of prospects within the assigned territory.
  • 通过外部电话和邮件寻找新的销售机会.
  • 通过倾听和理解客户的业务需求,制定并执行一个成功的销售策略.
  • 制定销售计划和策略,以持续完成或超过指定的月度销售目标.
  • Maintain accurate customer data, ensuring all relevant and correct information is logged into our HubSpot CRM.
  • Coordinates sales efforts with Purchasing & 物流.


  • Proven inside sales experience in the Electronic Components industry
  • Strong phone presence and experience making dozens of calls per day
  • Ability to meet or exceed quotas for GP margin, outbound calls and phone time
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • 必须是可训练的
  • Ability to work as part of a team

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  下面列出的要求代表了所需的知识、技能和/或能力.  可以作出合理的安排,使残疾人能够履行基本功能.

教育/经验:  候选人需要有两年的学院或大学的副学士学位(AA / AS / ABA / ABS)和至少5年的行业特定的销售经验.

语言能力:  Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, 和程序手册. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.  能够在公司的客户或员工面前有效地发言.

数学能力:  Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, 感兴趣, 佣金, 比例, 和百分比.

推理能力:  能够运用常识来执行书面指示, 口服, 或图形式.  能够在标准化的情况下处理涉及多个具体变量的问题.

计算机技能:  To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Microsoft Office and the Internet.

物理的要求:  这里所描述的生理需求代表了员工要成功地完成这项工作的基本职能所必须满足的生理需求.  可以作出合理的安排,使残疾人能够履行基本功能.  While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, 走, 坐, 用他们的手, reach with their hands and arms, 说话和听.  员工偶尔需要爬或平衡,弯腰,跪,蹲,或爬行.  The employee must frequently lift and/or move up objects weighing up to 25 pounds.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, 距离视力, 周边视觉, 深度知觉, ability to adjust focus, and the ability to see color.

这里描述的工作环境特征代表了员工在执行这项工作的基本职能时所遇到的那些特征.  可以作出合理的安排,使残疾人能够履行基本功能.  The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.

VRG Components is an Equal Opportunity Employer – EOE残疾/审查.

联系 hr@asd4t.prcaico.com